Sunday School:

            The Sunday School is the major teaching ministry of our church, designed for all ages and focuses on various biblical topics for spiritual growth of those who attend.

Children’s Church:

Children’s Church is where we have a dynamic and fun-filled approach to teaching children ages 5 – 12 the word of God. This is accomplished through the use of a cutting edge curriculum and incorporating worship, prayer, group talk, arts, crafts, drama, and much more. Children’s Church is open during regular service times.

Youth Department:

The Youth Department is created to reach young people on their level, to aid in building relationships among them, and produce mature Christians who will realize their purpose and rejoice in the wondrous works of God.

Music Ministry:

The Music Ministry consist of choirs, groups, ensembles and musicians in the church. The Ministry of Music is a critical, powerful, and resounding entity within the lives of believers and nonbelievers, setting the atmosphere of praise, worship and love to and from God.

Men’s Department (Brotherhood Ministry):

The Men’s Department (Brotherhood Ministry) reflects the positive attributes of a traditional Men’s department providing a safe space for men to gather, share, support each other and provide tools for development spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Women’s Department:

The Women’s Ministry is a group of women from young adult and beyond whose purpose is to fuse together, engage and inspire their minds toward productive motives and actions of Christian endeavor. This is the training station for every facet of the lives of women and serves as an asset of nurturing to the church thru the immediate family and community. This group will train in all areas of leadership and organizational structure and will promote what it means to live consistent Christian lives.


  • Christian Women’s Council (CWC):
  • Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC)
  • Hospitality


The goal of the Evangelism Ministry is to fulfill the request of Jesus found in Matthew 25:35-40 and His command found in Matthew 28:18-20. We desire to feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, provide clothing, visit the sick and visit the prisoner. We believe by doing this, we are sharing the love of Jesus so that He may be seen and known by many through our efforts. In addition, we partner in kingdom building with other ministries globally as well as build and plant churches around the world as we are commissioned by the Holy Ghost to fulfill our Kingdom assignments.


  • Convalescent Ministry
  • Juvenile Hall Ministry
  • Angel Tree Ministry


World Community Outreach that seeks to make a difference in the lives of others thorough the sharing of the Gospel, exemplifying compassion and love of God, and to help supply food and clothing to those in need.


The Bereavement Ministry primary design is to assist with the needs of deceased member’s family regardless of spiritual status by showing the love of Christ.

Usher Department:

The Usher Department is composed of those dedicated to “order” in the House of the Lord. This ministry is designed to portray the love that Christ has for all mankind through rendering service to visitors and the congregation.